hardcore lover

this is my diary.the truly story from my heart.i love what i do.this is what i need to expose my feeling and my tear.

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 jun 2009

you are the only one who always love me
always know just what to says.
u walked into my life and touched my heart in your on endearing way.
you're as sweet as rose.
always there for me even when we are apart.
and like a rose.
u have a place in the garden of my heart.

pukimak aku syg kau oke.
syg kau mcm pukimak gila babi r.
ko buat lagy mmg aku campak ko trus.
ko tau aku ego kuat tapi sajewr nk naikkan ego aku lagy.
pukimak kau.
aku syg ko r babi.


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